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Listed below are a number of audio-related articles penned by Biro Technology founder, Mithat Konar. Some of the articles are quite technical in nature while others are more accessible. For additional information on loudspeaker-related design issues, we encourage you also to visit the Biro Technology FAQ.

A Basic Guide to Evaluating Audio Electronics While not a definitive work on the subject, this short piece will help get you oriented in the right direction on a most confusing journey.
A Day At The Fair A review of HI-FI 99, The Home Theater & Specialty Audio Show.
Of Mass and Resistance Originally published pseudonymously in Speaker Builder: The Loudspeaker Journal, 4/1997. Follow the adventures of a young designer trying to get low-frequency drivers to do what he wants them to do. (Long.)
On Dither A description of the benefits of adding dither to digital audio systems and a simple thought experiment to help you understand how it works.
Stuck In The Middle A discussion concerning the best place to put a high-frequency driver.
Vertically Symmetric Two-Way Loudspeaker Arrays Reconsidered Adapted from a paper presented at the 100th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, 1996 May 11-14, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Analysis and simulations show that the "woofer-tweeter-woofer" or "midrange-tweeter-midrange" array found in many high-end loudspeaker systems may not be such a good idea after all. (Long.)
What Is A "Shielded" Speaker Anyway, And When Do I Need One? The title says it all. Originally published in Audio Basics: A Monthly Newsletter of Audio Information, May 1993. (Audio Basics is published by Audio By Van Alstine, Inc.)
Vacuum Tube Parameter Identification Using Computer Methods A better way to find vacuum tube SPICE model parameters.

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